The HKS 1835 – German

HKS 1835 is a global leader in design and manufacturing of solid / hard wood engineered wooden floors for residential and commercial projects since 185 years.

  • High quality standards.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process.
  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Worldwide presence in more than 30 countries.

The HKS product range, today is under its 5th generation of family management. The individual wooden flooring are made from selected European raw material.

HKS 1835 wooden flooring add a distinctive, natural and luxurious look that is hard to beat. But they are much more than pretty face, outperforming most alternatives at every level.

Our Products

HKS 1835 specializes in wooden floorings


  • Decking - natural & composite
  • Cladding - natural & composite


  • Solid wood flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Bespoke / Pattern flooring
HKS History
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