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BPC decking is free of splinters, resistant to water and generally resistant to all insects, mould and cracks. They are the perfect choice for outdoor installation.

BPC requires no additional protective coating; no special tools are required for its installation. It can be installed just like wood with a saw and power drill. The professional laying is nearly invisible with our special installation clips made from stainless steel.

The positive characteristics of our BPC-Decking can be only ensured in combination with the above mentioned components. The installation with other components can have an impact on durability of the terrace.

BPC must not be used for:

  • Damp areas with insufficient air circulation
  • Extreme temperatures (e.g. sauna baths)
  • Load-bearing structure

Care and Maintenance

Hardwood decking doesn’t need much maintenance and thanks to their hard surface they are very resistant to all kinds of environmental impacts. Dirt can be easily removed with a hard brush and soapy water. For a very obstinate stain (like rust for example) a brass brush or fine grinding paper can help. Please don’t use a high pressure dealer as the surface might get severely damaged.

Please remove any dirt or leaves from the gaps between the decking regularly. Discolorations caused by ferric tannin can be removed with oxalic acid (please follow the special usage instructions). After that, the decking should be treated with protective oil.

  • Place sliders of plastic or felt under all furniture, flower pots or shade stands to protect the surface from scratches and other damage.
  • Water spots occur on new decks in particular due to evaporation of rainwater. This is a temporary phenomenon and generally disappears on its own after 1-2 months or with the help of water and some dish soap.
  • Mud, dirt, algae or moss can be removed with warm water and deck cleaner. Heavy dirt can be loosened with a plastic brush (you may also use a rotary disc sander with deck cleaning brush).
  • Oils, greases and discolouring Liquids should be removed quickly with dish soap.
  • Damages such as scratches or burn marks should be removed carefully as much as possible with a steel wool, sand paper or an abrasive fabric.

Hardwood Decking

HKS-hardwood decking is well known for their excellent technical characteristics, very good durability and an attractive look, which guarantees an exclusive and vivid appearance.

Our woods are durable, functional and exotic. We have a very close cooperation with our manufacturers in Southeast Asia and South America, who ensure the sustainability of the products by having a responsible forest management. We guarantee that HKS-Garden products will come from reliable, well-known and sustainable manufacturers only.

The combination of a thorough product choice, careful planning and correct installation is the basis to design a garden of your dreams.

As a general rule:

  • A terrace decking is no living room flooring.
  • Hard wood decking is a natural product with an enormous variety of natural characteristics.
  • Please find the instructions for use in our HKS-garden brochure.
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