Wooden flooring for Commercial spaces

Wooden flooring can be used in commercial spaces also viz: Offices, Restaurants, Lounges Retail stores, etc. both indoors & out doors.

The manufacturing process of engineered wooden floorings makes material suitable for high density traffic locales.

  • They can with stand rigorous ‘footfall’ and ‘walking’.
  • They can with stand frequent spills and drops of food and merchandise.
  • They are scratch resistant to a large extent
  • They are tough to daily wear & tear and easy to maintain

Wooden floors create a warm feel instantly. Whether you use wood in a section or the whole space, it adds a strong character to the room.


For great looking commercial space, you could add a wooden element to

  • Floors
  • Wall (wall cladding)
  • Ceilings
  • Backdrops
  • Pool Decks and changing rooms
  • Open space coffee shops etc.
  • Gardens, Private terraces & balconies

Why Wood

  • Easy to care and tough wooden flooring for frequented commercial spaces
  • Sustainable, environment friendly floors
  • Easy installations
  • Perfect for sound insulation
  • Heat resistant
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