Wooden floorings for indoors

If you are planning to get rid of your boring carpet flooring, hardwood flooring would be the best choice because it is natural and is low maintenance. Hardwood is an excellent choice of material for many people because it is easier to clean than carpets and is known to stand the test of time. But, there are so many options available that proves that solid wooden flooring is the best choice.


Things to consider while determining the best hardwood flooring for your home:

  • First, understand the pros and cons of hardwood floors.
  • Next, examine your lifestyle.
  • Then, set a realistic budget.
  • After that, explore various hardwood types and species.
  • Once you know the rest, investigate your completion alternatives.
  • Finally, consult with an expert.

Hardwood flooring is a natural and long-lasting choice for home flooring. It still comes with maintenance responsibilities. Before you do anything else, you must consider the advantages and of installing premium engineered wood flooring in your home.

Pros of wooden flooring:

  • They are extremely durable.
  • Easy and cheap to refinish.
  • They give aesthetic luxurious appeal.
  • They are allergy-friendly.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • They are of low-maintenance.

Wooden flooring is durable unless it is not overexposed to water

While hardwood floorings are durable, long-lasting and can withstand spills and stains with proper treatment, they are more prone to water damage (kind of like the wicked witch of the west); this makes them a risky candidate for areas like your bathroom, kitchen, and entryways. Installing hardwood flooring in rooms where they are overexposed to water will lead to damage to the flooring.


It is considered as a wise investment

It is a known fact that hardwood flooring will increase the value of your home. Most home buyers will opt for the wooden flooring property rather than the carpet flooring because the wooden flooring properties are long-lasting. The initial payment of the wooden flooring properties is worth the money.


It is an allergy-friendly and low-maintenance flooring option

If you have small children and pets at home, then you must clean your carpet daily to keep it away from the pet’s hair. If you are allergic to pets and pollens, you can be sure that hardwood floorings are much easier to clean, maintain. Also, you will experience fewer attacks. Most of the woods used for flooring materials are sustainably sourced and use non-toxic adhesives and finishes.

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style

Hardwood floors are timeless in this modern décor world; it was considered a luxury interior decoration asset as early as the 1600s and is popular even till date. If you choose engineered wood flooring, it will never go out of style as long as your home stands. According to various magazines, hardwood stands for fine taste and luxury. It is the shiny glaze and warmth of the wood which makes people fall for it.

Get clear about your flooring installation budget

The following are the things to consider when you set your hardwood flooring budget.

  • Cost per square foot of flooring
  • Size of the project area
  • Subfloor, joists, and other structural materials
  • Floor finish
  • Molding replacement
  • Professional labor costs
  • Future flooring repair & replacement costs
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