Hardwood decking

Durable and full of character

Hardwood floorboards reliably hold their position in wind and weather. They defy even the most uncomfortable seasons and gain from year to year in character. When selecting our hardwood decking, we attach great importance to quality, durability and sustainability. The responsible use of valuable resource wood is an important concern for us and our partners in South America and Indonesia. The hardwoods selected by us convince with first-class technical values and an exclusive look. Smooth surfaces bring the own character and the natural charm of the individual types of wood especially good.

Ipe – High quality and extremely durable

Unimpressed, the precious wood defies all weather conditions and develops its very own, typical character. Ipe is extremely durable, very dimensionally stable and practically free of branches, sapwood and alternate rotation. Its subtle, lively play of colours impressively stages it as a smooth hallway.

Cumaru – Diverse and charming

Clear the stage for this lively all-rounder. Cumaru shows his many talents on your veranda, at the swimming pond or on your roof terrace. It does not bleed and absorbs moisture only very slowly. The alternating rotation typical of Cumaru underlines the natural charm of this noble wood.

Guyana Teak – The hardwood floorboard with the exotic flair

The project Stauseeholz convinced us! An impressive story, which also showed us the sustainable and responsible use of forest wood in Suriname. There are valuable, very durable types of wood that are available in reliable quantities.

Guyana Teak, also known as Basralocus, is clearly our favourite. The exclusive look of the Guyana teak immediately catches the eye. The European planning perfectly emphasizes the smooth surface.

Garapa – Subtle and durable

Garapa is modest. With a simple, even colour image and exceptionally fine texture. It does not need to hide the initially honey-yellow and later nut-brown Garapa. It is very stable in form, with a dense, almost knot-free surface. Besides, it does not bleed.

Bangkirai / Yellow Balau – Proven and durable

Just show profile. And rely on classic values. Bangkirai in the composite profile has really earned his place in the open air. With all the features you would expect from a decking: durable, resilient, natural and stable. A reliable partner in any weather.

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